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Rick's Real Estate Background and Experience

Rick has been selling real estate in the Eugene/Springfield area for over 29 years; he has  been a home builder as well as representing several prominent builders. Rick owned his own mortgage business and that experience makes his ability to serve his clients much more effective. Rick has remodeled many properties over the past 34 years. Rick began his career in the lumber industry, moving into real estate and working as vice president of sales for a real estate sales training company and later becoming director of corporate marketing with a regional company before opening his own company. Rick is a native of Lane County. He is the father of 3 and happily married to his wife of over 35 years.

Keeping You In Control

At Rick Richardson Real Estate Services Helping You Navigate The World Of Real Estate is not just a catchy line, it defines our relationship with our clients. You are the boss, we are the agents. You are the one who chooses where to go, we make it safe and comfortable. You choose what services you want of ours and we deliver the results.

“My goals are simple: help my clients get what they want and lookout for their interests so that they have an enjoyable experience with as little stress as possible.” 

Rick Richardson

Get In Touch

Thanks for reaching out I will get back to you soon!

If this is urgent please call or text me at 541-953-3707.

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